Fort Collins Limo specializes in Prom Limo Rental for Northern Colorado High Schools, including, but not limited to:

-Fort Collins High School
-Rocky Mountain High School
-Fossil Ridge High School
-Poudre High School
-Thompson Valley High School
-Loveland High School
-Mountain View High School
-Windsor High School
-Roosevelt High School
-Eaton High School
-Highlands High School
-Greeley Central High School
-Greeley West High School

We have been serving High School students with the very best in Prom Limo rentals since we came into business in 2002. If you would like to book your Prom extravaganza in one of our limos, give us a call at 970-323-4995 today!

Your Prom night should not be LAME.

That’s what you need to think about if you do not book a limousine. This night happens maybe once in your life, so do you want to look back, and remember the ugly ride that you took your pretty date to Prom in? You know the answer to that, so don’t even think about it, complete the form to the right, and reserve your limousine service for your big night.

Do you really wanna make your Prom the bomb? Think about it! This might be the last limo that you ride in until your Bachelor Party. Do you really want to remember your Prom night in your ’03 Corolla? Heck to the no. Don’t do it. Book a limo!

We have car service available for up to 18 of your closest friends! Or if you want to go just you and your date, that can be arranged as well. Our large fleet of limousines lives for your party, and we live to serve you and your needs.

We will help make your Prom the Bomb Diggity with Fort Collins Limo. Mom and Dad won’t worry about you when we are involved. Our drivers make sure that daddy’s Prince & Princess get home safe and secure from the night of your young lives.

Our interior mood lighting will set your partay off, and then the wicked sound system’s bumpin’ bass gets your dancin’ shoes movin’. Dre’ and his Beats would be jealous!

1. Make it a night to remember! You have a Corolla, and before even considering if you want to take your date and your friends in that beat up, noisy, two-tone trash heap, think about this: You have more than 5 people in your prom party. Who’s going to ride in the trunk? The answer is nobody! When you book with Fort Collins Limo, we have room for everyone, and their Tuxes too.

2. Have a big group? Of course you do. Think of the picture when all of you are pimped out, posing for Mom & Dad in front of your pristine Super Stretch Limo. That pic will be with you until the day you can’t remember what songs were played at prom. Limousine’s make prom pictures better, it’s just a fact of life. Our diverse fleet of limousine’s can accommodate your septuplets, and their dates as well.

Or if you want some mood lighting just for you and your extra special someone, we’ve got that covered.

3. Play it safe! Don’t let anyone get behind the wheel at 4 am after the after-party is over. Let us take care of your needs, and get you home safe to your own bed. Our drivers are concerned with your well being, and our service does not end until you walk through your front door.

Besides, nobody wants to scuffle through Friday or Saturday night traffic to get to their destination. Let our chauffers do the work, so you can bump your bass with our booming system in the back of your limo.

4. What are you waiting for? Your ticket to the best limousine service in the state of Colorado is right nextdoor. Don’t hestitate, fill out this scantron free form to the right, or call 970-323-4995  to get your prom rollin today!