Church Trips



How to book your Church retreat in less than 5 minutes? Reach out to us at 970-323-4995 and we will get you squared away!

Fort Collins Limo will help you reconnect with your church group, on the way to your retreat. Our drivers will guide you on your journey, and you feel at ease knowing your ride to your destination is covered.

1. We offer spacious limousines! Our limo’s make it possible for several members of your congregation to ride together and discuss what the retreat has in store.

2. Entertainment value! Our wide array of entertainment options allows you to view movies, listen to uplifting music, or view programs on your ride to your retreat.

3. Our Drivers are Professional & Courteous! You will feel safe & secure knowing that you and your church members are in good hands.

We are excited to work with churches all over Northern Colorado, and we await your call at 970-323-4995 today!