Homecoming Dance



Is your Homecoming Dance next week, and you still don’t have your Limo booked? Fort Collins Limo can take care of you!Just give us a call at 970-323-4995.

We know the feeling. Your Homecoming Dance is in 3 days and you completely forgot that your part of the bargain is to book the limo for you, your beautiful date, and 16 of your closest friends. So what are your options? You could send all of them a facebook message saying that you messed up, and everyone needs to find their own transportation. OR you could give Fort Collins Limo a call and see if we still have some availability. 

What have you got to lose? Clearly your friends will forgive you, as it’s an honest mistake, but you should exhaust all resources and make sure that there are no Limos left to rent in the entire city of Fort Collins. 

Fort Collins High School Students! We’re talking to you. If you attend Fort Collins High School, Fossil Ridge High School, Rocky Mountain High School, Poudre High School or Liberty Commons High School, you all have Homecoming Dances, and you would all LOVE to take one of our fabulous Limos to your Dance!

You don’t want to show up at your ‘Under the Sea’ themed dance in your Mom’s jalopy do you? Fort Collins High Schools have some pretty elaborate themes, and if you take a gander outside, most small and large parties are being dropped off in lavish limousines right before the big dance. 

Your Homecoming Dance is always better with a limo, and we have competitive rates to make it so you can still spend some good dough on you and your lovely date’s dinner before hand. You’ll even have enough for a fancy corsage! 

We have some pretty exquisite Limos for you to choose from to take you all around Fort Collins before your Homecoming Dance. 

Are you looking for a more personal ride for just you and your date? We have a Lincoln Executive Stretch Limo just for you. 

How about an 8 seater for you, your date, and 3 of your favorite couples? Our white Jaguar stretch limo would do just the trick. How many Jag Limos do you see roaming around the streets of Fort Collins? Just one, that’s it. 

If you have more than 10 people, we have a couple of grand options… Our 16 passenger Black Cadillac Escalade is an absolute beast of a Limousine, and has the sound system to get you ready for a rocking good time at your Homecoming Dance. This super stretch SUV Limo is comfortable, elegant, and will treat you just right on the night of your big dance.

Fort Collins Limo also has a 18 passenger white Lincoln Navigator that has all the bells and whistles, including a special VIP seat in the back for one lucky couple, or multiple couples to take a turn in.

Whatever you need, Fort Collins Limo is here to serve you on the night of your special Homecoming Dance. Just give us a call today at 970-323-4995 and check our availability before it’s too late!